Stereoflower launch 'The Barstools' single

Hey, y'know that really killer Stereoflower song? The one that you really like? It's got those really catchy guitar riffs and that stellar rollicking rhythm section. Y'know... It's the one they've been opening with at live shows for the past few years. no? It's that song that Alex wrote years ago at the Hydey (no, not the HPH that now stands over it's corpse mocking us, the fucking Hydey. Oh, you're too young to remember? Ask your dad about it) on one of many nights that they played there to just the barstools and that old guy with the amazing beard in the corner. Y'know the one? Well they're finally going to launch it now. They've spent the past 24 months recording 6 years worth of material and this song is their first proud offering from their second album 'Dig Your Hands Deep Into My Dirt.' They're launching it at the Velvet Lounge and having a party to celebrate.

'That sounds pretty dope, do you know who else is playing?'

Ummm... Yeah, I do. I totallytotally do.

Rabbit Island aka Amber Fresh are also playing. Y'know... that band you saw play then wondered if you really did see them play because it was very possible that it may have just been a dream, only more like a vision or visitation from some sort of very rare casino på nätet , very powerful entity that held you captive while reaching into your ears and touching your soul. Yeah, that band.

Also, The Whore are playing.. they're this band that write songs exactly how a good song should be written and then play it exactly the way a good song should be played. They're those handsome, charismatic chaps that you always enjoy watching.

Sounds cool. Who else?

Oh yeah, Dust are playing too. They're this 2 piece made up of Pete Levison-Gower, y'know that dude from Sonspilo Circus and the Blokes in Coats and every other great band that you ever enjoyed watching in Perth, and his friend Drage... that guy you met under the bridge in Maylands and shared a joynt with. Y'know... he's that dude that just wanders around town with a beat up old 6 string writing songs like he was William Blake only stuck in the wild west, waiting for a train. Well yeah, those guys are gonna play too.

'Well man, that sounds pretty freaking spectacular, I'd probably feel like a right muppet to miss it.'

You would be a muppet man... a total muppet.